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B2.1 Reading, listening & writing

abril 16, 2020

Read this article adapated from The New York Times Magazine, then listen to an American economist talking about Paul Feldman’s experiment, take notes and write a summary of the outcome.…

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B2.1 Writing

marzo 24, 2020

Learn how to write a covering email on this British Council website. Then you can write and send me your own covering email aplying for one of the posts in the advert.…

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B1 Reading and Writing

marzo 23, 2020

Find on this website a reading exercise about MOOCs (massive open online courses) in which you have to introduce the given sentences in the right place. Learn how to write a Restaurant Review on this website from the British Council. You can do it online or, if you prefer, download the worksheet and do it on paper. Then, you can write your own review about a restaurant and send it to me.…

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